Welcome to my site! Over the next few pages you will see the work that I do.  I have a page of work that has been done - and gone to new homes. As we go through 2017, my work is evolving - again.  As a single person, I am very aware that I need to generate my own income so have to really think outside the box sometimes!  All good things come from something simple and I hope that is the case for myself.  I have drawn, printed and painted all my life and so have a mass of material to draw inspiration from.  For 20 years I was a potter, so the conclusion I came to, was put my artwork onto bone china mugs and coasters.  Not only do I do my work but also other people's art or special photographs. ....Please get in touch if this would interest you.   I am now working on putting my designs on fabrics for stools and cushion covers - watch this space!

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